Campus Update – September 11, 2015

August was another busy month for Montessori Bali’s new campus development. As those of you who joined us for the New Site Presentation at the Tugu Hotel on August 21 are aware, we were fortunate to have Anna Maria Indrio, the chief architect for the project, over from Denmark for the best part of the month. This precious time was spent reviewing developments, drawings, landscaping, costs, and the all-important timeline. Anna Maria’s input in identifying potential issues and refining plans was, as always, incredibly valuable.

Regarding onsite developments, the foundations for the upper primary block are now complete, joining the preschool and lower primary blocks. The upper primary consists of two large classrooms with a covered outdoor area between them. As with the other classrooms, the buildings will have spacious four metre wide verandas running along their front face to facilitate inside/outside flow and provide additional covered areas for work and play.

Moving on from the classroom blocks, good progress is now being made with the foundations for the facilities along the northern boundary. Land preparation for the library and multi function room has begun and the foundations for the music and arts pavilion, as well as the workshop and kitchen, are now well underway.

Once the above foundations are complete, work will begin on the reception area and the infant (0-3 years) community building. As discussed at the New School Site presentation, our goal is to have all the main site foundations complete by Christmas, except for the adolescent community block, which will be phased.

1 UP Block

Upper primary foundations (two classrooms).


2 Library MFR

The start of the land preparation for the library and multi function room.



3.1 Music Art

Work on the foundations for the music room and art studio.


4 Workshop Kitchen

Work progressing on the foundations for the workshop and kitchen.