Campus Update October 26, 2015

26 Oct 2015

Good progress has been made on the construction of our new campus in Berawa. Work on the foundations for the facilities along the northern boundary continues to keep pace with our projected timeline. Starting from the front of the property and working back towards the river at the lower end, the construction status is as follows:

  • Work on the two wings of the administration block has commenced. In the first wing, the ground for the security and reception block next to the road is being prepared for foundation installation. The foundations for the second admin block building are well under way. This building will have two levels, each dedicated to specific functions. The ground floor will have a community area where parents can meet, have a cup of coffee, and learn what is happening in the school. The upper floor will house the principal’s office, admin area, boardroom, and breakout rooms.
  • The foundations for the library, multi-function room, music room, arts pavilion, workshop, and kitchen are moving forward as scheduled. An Additional concrete layer is being added to the upper primary classroom block in preparation for steel installation.

The first phase of the development, which includes foundations for the buildings mentioned above, as well as the infant community, is on track to be complete by early December. The second phase of development, the steel construction, will then commence.

Updates will continue to be posted on the school website. Please see:


Preparations for the laying of the foundations for the security and reception wing of the administration block.

IMG_4091 Lib MFR 640x480

Foundations for the library (foreground) and multi-function room.

IMG_4095 MFR Arts 640x480

Foundations for the multi-function room (foreground) and music and arts pavilion (back right).

IMG_4097 Wkshop Kitchen 640x480

Art studio foundations (left), workshop and kitchen pavilion (right), with the upper primary block in the background.




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