Campus update – April 22, 2015

For those of you who haven’t driven past the new Montessori Bali site recently, progress is steadily continuing. All buildings have been marked out. The preschool foundations have been completed and the lower primary foundations are well underway. Each of these blocks consists of three classrooms, toilets and extensive covered outdoor areas. The third preschool class will open when we move to the new location. The third lower primary class will only open when the numbers flowing through from the preschool warrant it. Until then, it will be utilised as an additional space for the lower primary children to use.

Landscape planning, as well as staff organisation and site management needs are being developed in parallel with the building construction. We will provide regular timeline reviews as we proceed; however, at present we are told that mid to late next year is a realistic completion date.

Please see attached photos. It’s exciting to be able to stand in the footprint of a class and get an idea of the actual size of the rooms, the wide verandas, and flow of a classroom block.

1TK IMG_3163

Preschool Block Foundations (Three Classrooms)


2LP IMG_3313

Lower Primary Block Foundations (Three Classrooms)