Bye-Bye Plastic Bags – Bali (BBPB-B) goes to Jakarta

13 May 2016

By Inca Hearn – Year 6

I, along with students (Lotte, Leander, Billy, Melati and Isabelle) from a few other schools made up the BBPB Bali Team that visited Jakarta recently. The trip lasted 3 days and 3 nights.

Why Jakarta? Our group was invited to raise awareness about the environmental project – Bye-Bye Plastic Bags.

At Jakarta International School there were many Security checks; it’s a huge school – 3 playing fields- athletic tracks, etc. We gave 6 presentations of around 30 minutes each to different age groups of children on different parts of the campus… we went around on a bus! For example we spoke to between 150-200 children (4-8 year olds) at one campus and then 50 -100 Middle School students in another presentation. It felt really good to give so many presentations and to get such positive feedback. When we asked if they’re going to say, ‘No thanks’ to plastic bags when they bought things at a shop, almost all of them said they would. We even had an invitation to be on television (see photo).

On one of the days we went to their fun fair and sold lots BBPB Bali promotional items. These included: bracelets, reusable bags, hats and T-Shirts.

We also met with a group of JIS students who had started up their own environmental awareness group. We are collaborating with them to establish a BBPB – Jakarta branch. It was a really worthwhile trip.


Extra note from Steven

Environmental Awareness and leadership doesn’t stop there. On May 19th – Inca, Indigo, Una and Imari are going to Sumatra with some other team members from Kids Cut Palm Oil (K.C.P.O.) They will be launching their Youth Ambassador Programme while exploring the leisure Eco-system.

As a side note, we all feel very proud that, at the start of this year, Inca was appointed as a Wildlife Asia Youth Ambassador, in part, because of her commitment to the Kids Cut Palm Oil campaign.


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