Board Announcement: Berawa Site Opens, January 16, 2017

07 Oct 2016

Dear Families, Friends and Staff of Montessori Bali,

It gives me great pleasure to confirm that our new campus in Berawa will open on Monday, January 16, 2017. All preschool and primary students will start Term 3 at our new home, marking the long awaited unification of our school community on one property.

The Board appreciates that there will be numerous questions regarding the new campus and the move. To minimise uncertainties and to support a smooth transition, there will be regular communications over the coming weeks. New site orientation tours will also be organised for families close to the end of Term 2. The information below is intended as an introduction, with further details to follow shortly.

New Campus Overview:

The Administration building and nine classrooms have been built in this first phase. Four classrooms will be used for our current preschool and primary classes, with the remaining rooms being utilised for specialist teaching areas and extracurricular activities.

The specialist pavilions, library, multi-function room and covered court in the master plan will be built as our student numbers grow and additional funds are raised. In place of the covered court is an extended playing field, offering more sporting opportunities. The grounds will take time to develop, however the extensive garden and crop areas available have amazing potential.

New Classes and Growth:

In August 2017 a third preschool class will open, offering an opportunity for additional three and four year olds to join our community. Student numbers in our primary years will increase due to the flow through from our existing preschool classes, resulting in two lower primary and one upper primary class. We also hope to open a 0-3 programme, however, the business plan and budget for that is still being reviewed.

As mentioned in Steven’s recent newsletter, the adolescent programme will also reopen as soon as there is sufficient demand from our community, which we expect to be in 2018 or 2019 at the latest.

The strategic plan is to continue to grow organically, with increases in numbers in the primary and adolescent years coming predominantly from our younger students coming up through the School. This is important so that we sustain the culture we are committed to building.

Access and Parking:

The Board and development team are very aware of the traffic challenges in the area. To support efficient traffic flow and provide plenty of parking, an additional property of approximately 60 are has been secured opposite our main campus. This additional land runs between Jl Raya Semat and the small road in front of our new School (please see the somewhat outdated Google Map below). All vehicles coming to the School will be asked to access the site from Jl Raya Semat, where there will be the option of parking or dropping your child and exiting back onto Jl Raya Semat. There will be no through traffic onto the small road in front of the School, everything will be managed on the front property via Jl Raya Semat. From the parking and drop off area, with the guidance of our security team, children and parents will cross a small bridge and pedestrian crossing and enter the School.

It is hoped that the ample parking provided will encourage more opportunities for our community to connect with one another. There will be a community meeting point and small lounge on the ground floor of the admin building to also support this.

Further details regarding traffic and access will be provided in Term 2.


Late November to early December: New campus orientation tours for our current families.

Friday, December 16: Last day at our current campuses.

Monday, January 16: School starts at our new campus.

Late January: Ceremony and new site celebration. We are still waiting for confirmation as to which day is best to hold this on. There will also be a smaller ceremony in December before we move, however, that will be a more private event.

August: Formal grand opening to coincide with the beginning of the new school year.

After the years of work that have gone into this project, we are extremely excited to be on the cusp of finally moving into Montessori Bali’s permanent home. Despite the best of efforts, there will no doubt be some teething issues as we make the transition and get settled into our new site, however, I’m confident that with everyone’s support we will be successful in managing the change and realising the amazing possibilities at hand. We are indeed truly fortunate to be in this position. On that note, I’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Kadek and Nattalia, our founders, for without their unwavering commitment to Montessori Bali and our community, this exciting next chapter in the evolution of our School would simply not be possible.

I look forward to sharing more details with you as we move forward.

Happy holidays and safe travels for those of you leaving home.

David Dobson

Chair of the Boardberawa-site-access-2016

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