Art Project in the Preschool

22 Oct 2015

Recently, the outdoor program introduced a new art project at the preschool. The art project was inspired by the concept of ephemeral art and uses natural materials to form temporary works of art. In the garden, children found leaves, sticks, flowers, grass, seeds, stones, and pebbles for their projects.  They then put their material choices together to create their own works of art. Upon completion, photographs of the creations were given to the children so they could share the results with their families. This activity involves exploration, observation, and creativity. It also benefits the children’s gross and fine motor development, hand and eye coordination, concentration, and language while providing the opportunity to express their ideas. The children were really excited and demonstrated real creativity.  It was so much fun!



For more ideas for ephemeral art, you can check the links: and A big thank you goes to Wilma for sending the links and inspiring this project.


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