Apples, Apples, Apples… Another way to explore our World

19 Feb 2018

Children are such curious beings!

Driven by their inner curiosity, they explore the world and learn through their endless sense of wonder.

By offering rich sensorial experiences, nature provides one of the biggest driving forces of curiosity. For this reason, nature has always been an integral part of the Montessori curriculum. Montessori Cultural Studies expand children’s awareness of the physical world that surrounds them and provide an opportunity to explore real things in group work projects.

In our Garden Class, for our second term project, students chose to investigate apples… So, we went to the market and bought different kinds of apples.

After touching and closely observing every apple, the children commented on the apples’ similarities and differences. Consequently, our students were refining their senses and their observation skills. Then, they painted or drew the apples, exploring their shapes, colours, and sizes even further. When they heard and wrote each apple’s name (Royal Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji, Pink Crisp, Red Delicious), they understood that even if they were only observing apples, these apples had “family names” that group them; just like us, we are all humans but we belong to particular families.

After exploring the outside of the fruits, students peeled and sliced them. They could then compare the inside of the apples, the colours, textures and tastes of the flesh.

By researching “real life” objects provided by nature, our older students become fully involved in their own learning process.

Lidia Olivieri






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