An important day and rich cultural experience

01 Feb 2017

The Melaspas Ceremony on January 27, 2017 marked a significant occasion in the life of Montessori School Bali. Melaspas is a Balinese ritual cleansing and purification of buildings recently completed and is a ceremony to welcome the Gods/Spirits into these new buildings. For Balinese Hindus, this ceremony has become a tradition. Many of our staff were involved from the early hours of the morning in preparation for the day. The ceremony was attended by special guests and quite a few parents who joined with all staff and students for the collective prayers.

  Ibu Desi preparing for the ceremony

 Sinta with some Preschool children visit the temple

  Our staff help with the blessings for the buildings

To honour this occasion, (almost) everyone in attendance wore the Baju Adat. The preschoolers, in small groups, visited the preparations throughout the morning. The students were quite excited to participate and especially seemed to enjoy being sprinkled by the holy water.

 Our students waiting for the call to prayer

 Children receiving the sprinkle of the holy water

Our school founders, Nattalia Sinclaire and Kadek Wiranatha were there and were warmly congratulated and thanked by many. Surely, without their generosity and ongoing support, along with David Dobson’s dedication to the vision for our new school facilities, the beautiful campus we now occupy would not have been possible.

 Parents joining in with the experience

 Congratulations and thank you to David, Nattalia and Kadek on bringing your vision to life!

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