Alumna Fencing Champion

30 Apr 2015

The scene opens with a 10 year old girl reading a poster advertising free introductory fencing lessons. She looks pensive, but curious. In the next scene we see her entering a fencing club and as she disappears down a hallway, the camera fades, the sound of applause starts to rise, and the camera refocuses onto the same girl approaching a podium three years later to accept the national title for fencing in Singapore.

These could be the opening scenes from a new movie, but they are not. They are moments from the true life story of Madeleine Becker, a former Montessori Bali student and now, accomplished fencer who will be vying for a position on the Germany fencing team for the 2020 Olympics.

What does it take to rise quickly in an individual event like fencing? Certainly, physical ability, mental toughness and personal tenacity are qualities of each champion, but Madeleine credits the support of her family and the guidance of a coach with Olympic experience as the factors that, ultimately, brought her to the podium.


In between her training and travel to international competitions, Madeleine attends a German international school in Singapore. In a recent interview, she commented that it was quite a transition to the larger, less personal school in Singapore, but recognizes the sense of independence and confidence that was instilled in her during the six years at Montessori Bali. Although Madeline currently has a promising athletic career ahead of her, this is not stopping her from exploring her other major interest of writing. She has had several articles published and is now considering writing as a long term career option.

Good luck in 2020, Madeleine.


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