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02 Nov 2017

ASA Programme News
After-school activities offer opportunities for children to learn new skills, explore different areas of talent, make friends, and form relationships with supportive adults. Montessori School Bali has continued the after school activities for primary children. There are six activities that the children can join, including soccer, art and craft, circus club, Balinese dance and zumba. The activities go from 3:00 to 4:00.

Soccer happens every Monday with coach Taufik who has experience in coaching children ages 6-12. The coach delivers tactical, technical, mental and physical sessions for all the children.

Art and Craft are fun for children. These art & craft activities cover a wide range of subjects for young artists. This activity is headed by Shirley from Bali Art Media every Tuesday. This term they are focusing on Halloween craft and Christmas decorations.

Circus Club is headed by Nadia from Bali Circus Company. The class runs every Tuesday. The children learn how to juggle, spin plates, throw a diabolo, hula hoop and much more. This is a good way for the children to build stamina, strength and flexibility. The children also have an opportunity to dress up like a professional circus player.

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music, and is usually referred to as a game. This activity is headed by Noko from Zungu Capoeira Bali. Noko has many years’ experience capoeira. The children have so much fun in doing the movements.

Balinese Dance happens every Thursday. This activity is taught by Widia who is an experienced Balinese Dance teacher. The girl will learn Pendet dance and the boys will learn Gopala dance.

Zumba for children features the famous Zumba Fitness music, rhythms, and beats along with Zumba choreography broken into child-friendly routines. This class happens every Friday and is run by Felicia Alien who is an energetic certified young instructor. This class gives children an outlet to jump, dance, shake, and swing their hips. Zumba for children also adds games and activities, that help children gain coordination, self-confidence, learn about teamwork, and much more.
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Ari Susanthi

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