Adolescent Community – Not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’!

02 Jun 2017

On Tuesday the 30th of May we had a Parent Meeting to discuss the re-opening of the Adolescent Community. This was to share information about three main things:

  • features of the Montessori AC programme and a general discussion around curriculum
  • a look at enrollments and potential classroom structures over the next few years
  • possible pathways for students beyond Year 9 after they graduate from Montessori School Bali

This was a very important meeting for the Board to gauge current community interest, enthusiasm and commitment. It became clear that starting up the AC programme is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’!

As a small but growing school, we are determined to remain true to the Montessori philosophy, and as such, we want to ‘grow from the ground up’. This means strengthening our numbers from the Preschool up to create a sustainable financial, academic and social environment for the students within the Adolescent Community. Our whole school community can play a part in helping to secure this programme for our future Year 7 – 9 Montessori students here in Bali.

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