Children from 18 months to three years of age may be considered for admission to Montessori Bali at any time through the year, providing there is a space available.

Because a complete Montessori education is built on a series of cycles from the toddler  and preschool programmes to the primary school, admission to the primary classes without prior Montessori experience is considered only after careful discussion with parents, the Montessori trained guide for that class, and principal. Admission for children into the primary classes happens at the beginning of the school year in August, and chidlren are considered for placement in March and April.

If you would like your child of any age to be added to our pool of applicants or require information on fees, please complete our enquiry form.

Application Process

  • The admission process begins when you book in for an observation morning (held every two weeks). This allows you to meet other parents, observe the classrooms in action and have any questions that arise answered by the principal. Places for observation mornings are limited so please book in plenty of time.
  • Following this meeting, parents interested in enrolling their child in Montessori School Bali are required to complete and submit the waiting list application form and pay the non-refundable fee.

Toddler Community of Preschool Enrollment

  • Children may enter these programmes at the beginning of the term they show readiness. Towards the end of each term, applicants are contacted so that an appointment can be arranged. This appointment is an opportunity for the Montessori trained guide for the appropriate class to meet with the student candidate and parents to ask further questions about the school. If it is deemed the child is ready to being the programme being applied for, an offer of place may be made so that the child can begin.
  • For preschool children who begin before the age of three, this will mean more than three years in the preschool programme.

Primary School Enrollment

  • Transfers from other Montessori Schools still need to follow the above steps, but they may enter the programme through the year in the same way described above.
  • Enrollment for children wishing to enter the primary school who have not had prior Montessori experience begins in March, when the school decides if there are any openings in the primary programme in the new school year.
  • Where there are gaps identified (specific to age, gender, grade level, etc), children fitting the need on the waiting list will be invited to complete a trial week at the school.
  • At the conclusion of this process, a decision will be made by teacher, principal, parent and child about the next steps. Should everything work out, a parent will be informed that an offer of place is to be made. This will have to be accepted promptly in order to retain the place. If the acceptance does not happen within two weeks, the place will deemed open and the process will begin again.
  • Please see our Enrollment policy for priority enrollments in each of our programmes.

Enrolment Policy

Final admission acceptance is based on:

  • Available class space.
  • Considerations for class balance with respect to age, gender and special/unique needs.
  • Consultation between the principal and the Montessori trained guide of the appropriate class.
  • Parent observation and understanding of the operation of the appropriate class
  • Current involvement with Montessori education. Priority will go to siblings of current students, children of Montessori staff and to students transferring from another Montessori school.

The following forms, fees and requirements are needed by the school to complete the enrollment process:

  • Acceptance of the policies and procedures contained within the parent handbook
  • Completed registration form
  • Non-refundable registration fee
  • Signed enrollment agreement
  • First term tuition fees
  • Non-refundable Capital Development Levy

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Montessori School Bali does not discriminate on the basis of any race, colour, creed, national or ethnic origin.