ACME Sugar Marketing Campaign. By Gaia.

03 Sep 2014

We had half an hour to create an advertisement for ACME – a made up refined sugar company. This was one of the activities for our nutrition study. The story behind the need for a new ad campaign was that ACME sugar was getting a bad reputation with some health issues that were exposed and two advertising companies were called in to try to boost sales. The companies couldn’t lie, but had to make this unhealthy substance appear healthy to improve sales. We to come up with a slogan and an advertisement. My group contained myself, Luca, Jyoti, Alice, Jocelyn and Carlota. The other group consisted of Sherrene, Indigo, Olivia, Naemi, Shakila and Sheriff.

We split up into our groups and found places to practice far away from each other. My team got two cereal boxes and three cartons of milk for props. We spent at least 45 minutes coming up with an ad and slogan and by the time it was finished, this is how it went:

[Two girls walking down the hallway get to the kitchen where their mom is waiting.]

“Morning, mom!” [The kids say this with full energy.] “What’s for breakfast?”

“ACME!!” [Says their mother with excitement.]

“ACME!!” [The girls scream out with joy.]

[The mother hands them both a box of ACME sugar cereal]

“ACME makes us happy, for the whole family, ACME is so healthy, it gives us energy!!” [They sing and dance.]

[The scene ends and opens up with another family, kids walk in tiredly and kids with bored tones in their voices.]

“Hi, kids, breakfast is served.” [Says the mom and hands them the carton of sugar-free milk.]

“Thanks, mom.” [Say the kids without any energy and leave the stage].

[The other family appears and they all sing and dance together.]

“ACME makes us happy. For the whole family. ACME makes us healthy. It gives us energy!”









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