Saraswati or Knowledge Day

31 Aug 2017

19 August 2017 Hindus in Bali celebrate Saraswati – a holy day, considered to be the day of knowledge when the almighty God “Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa” bestows blessings honouring when knowledge first came to human beings.

Saraswati occurs every six months according to the Balinese Calendar, equaling 210 days. During the day known as “Saniscara umanis watugunun”, a number of offerings are prepared by families at least two days prior to the day, ensuring all offerings are ready for Saraswati . The offerings are served up in  family temples, schools and public temples. At school, each classroom is preparing  offering baskets to be served at the Saraswati ceremony.

Knowledge is symbolized with Dewi Saraswati, a beautiful goddess representing  all  that is continuously being learned by humankind in the universe.

Rituals are centralized in schools (including primary schools, secondary and higher education) where students gain knowledge.


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