How will your child’s education prepare them for the future?
At Montessori School Bali, a better world starts with your child.
At our school, your child will find their passion, develop meaningful skills, and connect with humanity and the earth, so that they and the world around them will thrive tomorrow.
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Why Montessori Bali

Students emerge with deep academic understanding, independence, resilience and a confident love of learning.

Our Programme

Montessori Bali balances the emotional, physical and intellectual development of children from birth to fifteen.


Children from birth to three are considered for enrolment year round. From March to May, six to twelve year old children are considered for admission to Montessori Bali based on vacancies available in a particular class level or grade. If any vacancies are determined, children who have successfully completed the application process and who meet the criteria will be considered.



Care of the environment activities in the Outdoor Programme

30 Apr 19

Nature has always been an integral part of Montessori education. When our preschool children come outside to work ...

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The Montessori approach to homework

26 Mar 19

When entering their children into a Montessori programme, parents often ask questions about homework. The topic is ...

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Montessori and meditation

05 Mar 19

People who observe a Montessori preschool classroom for the first time are often surprised to see calm, ...

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Advanced Practical Life in the primary classrooms

21 Feb 19

In the Montessori world, "Practical Life" refers to activities that provide children with opportunities to develop motor ...

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On not being “left behind”

30 Jan 19

We want for our children to have the best that they can have. We want for them ...

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The Melati spa experience

18 Dec 18

Over the first term of this year, our Upper Primary students (Melati class) had many opportunities to ...

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