Infant Community (0-3 years)

Maria Montessori believed that the foundation of the human personality is formed during the first three years of life. To support this critical period, Montessori Bali will include a purpose built infant community centre as an integral part of its new Canggu campus. This initiative incorporates both parent education and child programmes. Parents will acquire an understanding of the development process taking place within their child, how movement and brain development are linked, and how to facilitate their child’s growth and well-being while children develop movement, communication, independence and self-discipline.

Children as young as 3 months may attend, when accompanied by a parent or care-giver. Bali Montessori is very excited to introduce this programme in the last quarter of 2017. Further updates will become available as we draw closer to our opening date.

For more Montessori information on the 0-3 age group please follow the link: www.aidtolife.orgf