Montessori School Bali creates environments where children discover the wonder in the world around them and the potential within themselves. Sensitivity to each child’s unique personality and a curriculum that adjusts to their individual interests, needs, and learning style lies at the heart of our programme. Beyond their interdisciplinary studies, students ingrain methods of learning that develop independence, resilience, and a lifelong love of learning.

Why Montessori Bali

Students emerge with deep academic understanding, independence, resilience and a confident love of learning.

Our Programme

Montessori Bali balances the emotional, physical and intellectual development of children from three to fifteen.


Children from birth to three are considered for enrolment year round. From March to May, six to twelve year old children are considered for admission to Montessori Bali based on vacancies available in a particular class level or grade. If any vacancies are determined, children who have successfully completed the application process and who meet the criteria will be considered.



Botany in Montessori

15 May 18

Botany studies in the primary classes begin with a look at the life cycle of plants and ...

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Future Master Chefs Junior

19 Apr 18

Experimenting in the kitchen with your children is not only fun for both you and your child ...

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Ogoh-Ogoh As A Part of Indonesian Study

10 Apr 18

The word Ogoh-ogoh in Balinese means something that is shaken. Ogoh-ogoh is a sculpture artwork in Balinese culture ...

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We Love Bugs!

02 Apr 18

“ A child, more than anyone else, is a spontaneous observer of nature”- Maria Montessori. Exploration is one ...

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Concentration in the Montessori Environment

01 Mar 18

The library / computer room in Montessori School Bali is a space reserved for research, academic work, ...

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Apples, Apples, Apples… Another way to explore our World

19 Feb 18

Children are such curious beings! Driven by their inner curiosity, they explore the world and learn through their ...

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